Biomass Power Plant Finnish Biomass Power Plant for German CHP

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Finnish industry supplier Metso will deliver a complete modularised biomass power plant to Germany, where legal frameworks drive the use of renewable energies.

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(Picture: Metso)
(Picture: Metso)

Helsinki/Finland – Metso will provide a modularised biomass power plant for a combined heat and power plant (CHP) in the municipality of Zwickau in Germany. Metso-Wärtsilä's joint venture MW Power will supply the CHP plant including all on-site installations and training for a contract value of about EUR 20 millions. Productive status is expected by late 2012. The plant will be mainly fuelled by forest residues and wood based materials from local environmental projects.

When in operation, the plant will produce a maximum of 10 megawatts of district heat for the Zwickau municipality area and a maximum of 5 MW of electricity for the power grid. "Through this investment, we will not only secure the production of district heat for our town but will also reduce our dependence on ever rising oil and gas prices. We are also very optimistic that the price paid for the district heat can be lowered from today's level", says Volker Schneider, managing director of the operating company ZEV.

The development of plants like the Zwickau CHP is supported by the German Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG), a law that provides fixed feed-in tariffs for electricity produced from renewable sources and secures the payback period of the investment. This contract marks the eight delivery of a complete modularised CHP by MW Power to Germany. "The new project gains all benefits of modular design and standardization", says Olli Taimisto, Metso sales director for Biopower plants. "Our easily tailored modularised products and our on-time deliveries reduce project risks to minimum and the customer can accurately calculate profitability of the project."