Filterbag and Clothes for Filter Presses Filter Media for Solid-Liquid and Solid-Gas Separation

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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A wide range of filter media produced by Testori are for chemical and food industries, where solid-liquid and solid-gas separation is required in the production processes. In the first case Testori offers cloths, backing cloths, bags/belts for filter presses and centrifuges, as well as a huge variety of fabrics and felts in rolls. The technical procedures for the solid-gas separation usually require the use of filter bags or dryers. Testori’s offer includes several types of customized finishing and treatment. Testori developed an eco-friendly product line for liquid filtration called the Greencloths including: GreenTes clothes for filter presses with the frame in water based resin. A very precise automatic system for the production has been developed. ACE (Anti Corrosion Eyelet): plastic Eyelets which allow to eliminate the metal components and an easy waste of the cloth; the plastic eylets have an excellent resistance against tears. With concern to the solid-gas separation, the desiccation processes require a focus on the filtration efficiency improvement and the reduction of the cross-contamination. For this purpose Testori has developed a new filter bag with a special sealing 100% PTFE ribbon. This solution is approved by FDA, and is suitable for any filter media and may be set to both thermo welded and stitched joints of the bag. The raw materials used for the production of these filter media are FDA approve.