Syringe Filling Filling and Stoppering Syringes

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

At its Interphex booth Marchesini will present the additional attraction of the new Extrafill Syringe Filler. It has been developed to meet the growing demands of packaging disposable pre-filled syringes in the North American market.

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Extrafill is made in Marchesini’s facility in Siena, Italy to fill and stopper nested syringes. The compact machine is designed to accommodate from two to five filling and stoppering stations and can produce up to 12 thousand pieces per hour. Batching precision is guaranteed by systems that center the syringes and completely protect them during the filling phase to avoid contamination and to ensure a sterile process. The filling station is equipped with rotating piston pumps and a statistical batch control weighing system. All the production phases are integrated in one monobloc unit designed to combine the two tub opening and syringe filling/stoppering operations under just one isolator.

A significant innovation of the Extrafill is a robotic arm, which peels off the Tyvek protective film and pushes the tub of syringes onto a loading belt to continue towards the filling and stoppering stations. The robot - a gripper system that moves just like a human hand - is the outcome of research and development activities carried out by Marchesini Group aimed at devising a specific system capable of handling the product with outstanding efficiency in sterile conditions.