Powder Packaging Fill Paper or PE Bags Efficiently

Editor: Doris Popp

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(Picture: Haver & Boecker)
(Picture: Haver & Boecker)

The Integra and Rotoseal powder packaging systems from Haver & Boecker, used together with the company’s proven valve bags, meet modern requirements for high speed, cleanliness, weighing accuracy, product protection, ease of operation and maintenance, environmental protection, energy savings, and ability to handle new types of packaging materials. Two new machines can also now fill chemical powders into watertight PE bags, giving better product protection than is possible with paper sacks. The first of these machines, the Adams, is a rotating high-speed system equipped with eight or ten filling spouts which allow packing speeds of up to 1,200 bags/h. A compact version of the Adams, known as the Benjamin, has 1–4 filling spouts, and is ideal for medium-size filling lines using bags formed from continuous PE tubular film. Compact size and flexibility are the prominent features.