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Feeling the Pulse of Petrochemicals at PCIC Europe 2016

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Why Automation Will become the Key Technology

No matter which trend you consider, nothing can exceed automation. Even PCIC Europe sets the framework for the technical discussion, with the four corresponding technology emphases:

  • Modular production
  • Industry 4.0
  • Cyber security
  • Process optimization

As the organisers are unanimous, each of these themes will determine the chemical and petrochemical production of the future. Technologies like intelligent field units, integrated automation systems and modular process skids are already common practice now, especially in the upstream sector. Yet, these revolutionary developments are often limited to isolated applications. Uniform standards and interfaces are required to integrate the modular island solutions in existing production complexes so as to achieve the big breakthrough even in downstream and the primary industry. An exchange between the most varied disciplines and trades is thus overdue, if Europe’s downstream sector will not content itself with being a mere spectator in the global competition. Events like the PCIC Conferences can serve as a platform for exchange and an incubator for new concepts. Those who want to be in Berlin should register fast: In 2015, the 12th PCIC Europe conference attracted several hundred participants to London.

Additional Information
PCIC Europe Conference 2016
Why Visit PCIC in Berlin?
  • When? June 14–16, 2016
  • Where? Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade
  • Who? End user, project specialists, associations, authorities, engineering firms and manufacturers
  • What is new? For the first time, the organisers have planned a session for process automation in 2016, which gives comprehensive information about future-oriented solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • More information? www.pcic-europe.com