Pellet Feeders Fast Changeovers and Quick Cleaning

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Concentrate on the essentials: that was the key idea behind Brabender's new DS line of pellet feeders. The new product line is being launched in four sizes. Pellets are typically a simple material and can be fed using spiral screws requiring no additional agitation, the development team could focus on a design with only a few easily accessible components, making it easy to handle.

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(Source: Brabender)

The enhanced DS-E version features a different design: When a screw is being replaced or the device is being cleaned, the motor remains in place and is only shifted to allow the screw to be removed from the rear. The slide gate and the tight pipe connection which allow the hopper to be emptied completely, are also practical details that make bulk material changeovers and cleaning easier. The DS-E is therefore ideal for various pellet feeding processes that involve frequent product changeovers.

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