USA: Specialty Chemicals Far Chemical to Further Develop Florida Facility

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The growing demand for specialty chemicals in the region has led Far Chemical to expand its facility in the state of Florida. The company produces fine chemicals for various end markets including pharmaceuticals, coatings, sealants, and so on.

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Far Chemical has plans to expand its Palm Bay, Florida facility which will lead to an increase in the workforce by over 50 %.
Far Chemical has plans to expand its Palm Bay, Florida facility which will lead to an increase in the workforce by over 50 %.
(Source: Far Chemical)

Florida/USA – Far Chemical, a leader in scaling up and manufacturing multi-step chemical syntheses and handling highly active materials, has recently announced that it will expand its Palm Bay, Florida facility. The company specialises in fine and specialty chemicals such as brominated compounds, organometallics, pyrophoric materials, and the distribution of trimethylchlorosilane.

Strong demand for the complex specialty chemicals which Far produces, which are used in end markets such as pharmaceuticals, coatings, adhesives, sealants, composites and flavours and fragrances, is driving the expansion. In addition, the firm is benefitting from a focus on more secure, domestic supply chains for these raw materials, and recent investments by new ownership.

In 2018, Far was acquired by CPS Performance Materials and merged with its specialty chemicals division, creating a larger company with broader reach. Capacity at the Palm Bay plant was increased by 40 per cent in late 2018, with the further expansion adding specialised equipment and the personnel required to support a move to 24/7 operation.

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“As we continue to build our Specialty Chemicals business, we will not only be expanding capacity, but also adding new capabilities necessary for the increasingly specialised needs of our customers”, said Jeremy Steinfink CEO, of CPS Performance Materials. “This will include equipment to process higher volumes of halogenated and organometallic compounds and includes investments in scale-up equipment and new employees.”

Joe Beatty, general manager of the Far Chemical facility, added, “Over the next twelve months, we expect to increase the workforce at Palm Bay by over 50 per cent. We’re proud of our 35-year history of safe, responsible operations and look forward to building on this legacy.”

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