USA: Anellotech Announces Breakthrough Extending Catalyst Lifetime in Biomass Conversion

Editor: Alexander Stark

Anellotech announced that it has developed proprietary technology to extend catalyst lifetime in its conversion of biomass into aromatic chemicals and renewable fuels.

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Pearl /USA — The company claims that the MinFreeT technology reduces mineral (ash) content of biomass feedstocks, thereby enabling economic catalyst lifetimes. "This is a breakthrough innovation for the industry and vital to technological success" said Chuck Sorensen, Anellotech CTO. "It opens up the possibility to use many types of low-cost biomass feedstocks that contain high levels of well-known catalyst poisons."

Anellotech has partnered with technology providers Ifpen/Axens for process development and Johnson Matthey for catalyst technology. "We're fortunate to have our R&D team working side-by-side with industry-recognized experts who have long-term commitments to this program," said Sudolsky. "Together with partners Suntory and Toyota Tsusho, our Alliance is dedicated to developing an efficient, economic, and commercially viable end-to-end process, of which biomass handling and pre-treatment are critical components."