European Nanotech Network Expansion into New Phase

Editor: Meike Herkersdorf

The international network of regional institutions that support nanotechnology companies will be expanded further after the successful completion of its EU-funded phase. This is the message which the Nanora (Nano Regions Alliance) conveyed with its two-day conference on nanotechnology held during Achema.

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Ulrike Niedner-Kalthoff from the State of Hessen’s Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, which chairs the alliance, laid out the future developments planned for the network. “Originally the network was focused on Northwest Europe, but since the end of 2014 we have been able to steadily expand the membership”, she said. “After the entrepreneurs’ visit to Poland, for instance, the Polish network Nanonet has joined the alliance, and we are now in discussions with partners in Spain and Sweden.”

Even though Nanora will no longer offer direct financial support to its members after the EU funding runs out, the crucial activities of the network, such as services of its contact database, will be maintained. In addition, the alliance can help its members if they organise in smaller groups to apply for joint funding opportunities.