Speciality Chemicals Turkey Evonik Looks Back on 25 Years in Turkish Speciality Chemicals Market

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

25 years in the Turkish speciality chemicals industry: Evonik celebrates the anniversary of its regional enterprise Evonik Degussa Ticaret. today, the company offers a broad portfolio of polymers and speciality chemicals to markets in Turkey and Middle Asia...

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25 years in thr Turkish speciality chemicals market: Evionik celebrates the anniversary of Evonik Degussa Ticaret.
25 years in thr Turkish speciality chemicals market: Evionik celebrates the anniversary of Evonik Degussa Ticaret.
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Tuzla/Turkey – “Turkey is a highly attractive market for our specialty chemicals, where we’ll continue to pursue the current growth trend,” said Thomas Wessel, the HR Director of Evonik Industries AG who is also the responsible Executive Board member for the company’s Europe Region, in Tuzla/Istanbul. Thanks to rising purchasing power, a young population, and the steady expansion of the country’s infrastructure, Turkey is already hailed as Europe's next door emerging market. Also Evonik's business in the region has recently seen very dynamic growth, doubling the local revenues of the specialty chemicals corporation to some €200 million in the past three years.

From Diapers to Acrylic Glass – Evonik's Activities in Turkey

The company's most important activities in the area include superabsorbents for the production of disposable diapers, silicas for fuel-efficient tires, monomers for the manufacture of materials such as Plexiglass (Evonik's brand name for acrylic glass) as well as DL-methionine, an amino cid for healthy and environmentally sound animal nutrition.

Key Position Between Europe and Asia

With its unique position between Asia and Europe, Evonik's Turkish enterprise Evonik Degussa Ticaret manages the Turkish domestic market as well as exports to central Asian countries. The company, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in Tuzla this year, has continuously expanded its sales structures to intensify the close cooperation with customers and to offer customized products and solutions for the Turkish

market, Evonik states. – More about the company's recent activities in Turkey on page 2!

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