Bio-Based Chemicals Evonik Joins Forces with OPX Biotechnologies for Bio–Chemicals Development

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Evonik teams up with OPX Biotechnologies to jointly develop certain bio-based specialty chemicals. The joint-development agreement signed May 3rd 2013 will use OPX's proprietary Edge (Efficiency Directed Genome Engineering) technology to develop the bio-processes.

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Team up for bio chemicals...
Team up for bio chemicals...
(Picture: PROCESS)

Boulder, Colorado/USA – "There’s a growing market demand for more sustainable products and processes, and OPX is an excellent partner to help us meet that demand because their technology can create high-value, bio-based chemicals quickly and cost-effectively," said Dr. Thomas Haas, Vice President Science-to-Business Center Biotechnology of Creavis, the strategic research and development unit of Evonik.

"Evonik is a leading global specialty chemicals company, and we’re looking forward to helping them expand their portfolio of bio-based chemicals," said Charles R. (Chas) Eggert, OPX Bio president and CEO. "The bio-process we’re developing has the potential to create economic and sustainable versions of products we use in our everyday lives." According to the agreement, OPX will also be able to market bio-based products resulting from the Evonik collaboration.