Chemical Transports/Shipping Evonik Joins Clean Shipping Index

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Evonik, one of the leading companies in speciality chemicals joins the Clean Shipping Index as the first German company. The Index, originally developed in Sweden, is an online tool for cargo owners to help them choosing environmentally sound sea transport.

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The Nordic Nora, a typical chemical tanker.
The Nordic Nora, a typical chemical tanker.
(Picture: Nordic)

Essen/Germany – Evonik Industries now joins 31 large European cargo owners like Volvo, H&M and Phillips among others, that are currently using the Index when choosing freight carriers. In the Clean Shipping Index companies can choose the best shipping companies when it comes to environmental performance. Access to the data is given when the cargo owners join the clean shipping network.

Evonik see huge potentials in this step: In 2011, the company's core specialty chemicals business, produced outgoing transoceanic shipments of approximately 1,6 million metric tons of goods.

An Example for the Chemical Industry?

“Germany has many large companies that can really make the difference when they use their purchasing power to stimulate sustainable shipping. We hope that Evonik Industries serves as an example to other large industrial companies to join the Clean Shipping Network.” says Sara Sköld from the Clean Shipping Network Association.

Index Covers Major Emissions from Ships

The Clean Shipping Index covers the major emissions from ships such as CO2, NOx, SOx and also pollution of the sea by waste, on board use of heavy chemicals in antifouling, lubricants, refrigerants and cleaning agents. By coordinating a demand for clean ships through the Clean Shipping Network, carriers are encouraged to change over to more environmentally adapted techniques and measures.