Stroke Therapy Eurostars Grant for Development of Stroke Therapy

Editor: Marion Henig

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical and to-BBB have been awarded a grant of €1 million through the Eureka Eurostars program for the joint development of therapies for stroke and other acute neurological conditions.

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Lund, Sweden / Leiden, the Netherlands – Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in Europe, imposing a large economic burden on individuals and society. Currently, the development of safe and effective neuroprotective treatments represents the greatest unmet need in the management of stroke.

The Eurostars program has awarded NeuroVive Pharmaceutical and to-BBB technologies, two European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), a grant of approximately €500,000 each. This grant supports their joint preclinical development program on a potential new treatment for stroke patients. In this program NeuroVive's cyclosporin A for the treatment of neurological damage is combined with to-BBB's G-Technology to enhance delivery of this drug across the blood-brain barrier. The strategic collaboration between the two companies commenced in October 2010 and the Eurostars grant solidifies and accelerates this partnership.