Industry Automation European Automation–Users Strengthen Cooperation

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The industry associations EI, EXERA, WIB and NAMUR enhance their coopertion: Board members and directors of the European user associations of automation technology in the process industry (EI, EXERA, WIB and NAMUR) met on 9 September 2013 in Brussels for the second time....

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Meeting in Brussels: Europe's automation users met for a second time in the Belgian capital.
Meeting in Brussels: Europe's automation users met for a second time in the Belgian capital.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Brussels/Belgium – The discussion which commenced the previous year was continued here, and further steps towards closer cooperation of the organizations (representing over 200 end user companies) were taken. Following a brief update on current developments in the organizations, the strengths and weaknesses of the present organizations were compiled in a SWOT analysis conducted by all those involved. In addition to potential fields of mutual activity, current obstacles were also addressed. The intensive discussion which ensued demonstrated the level of trust which had already developed among the participants.

The status report on mutual areas of cooperation, which had already been identified, was also an important part of the meeting, as it indicated that an intensive exchange had already taken place at an operative level. A common paper on ‘Functional Safety’ is being prepared, and a steering meeting on ‘IT Security’ has been held. The exchange of experience on the selection of flow meters was successfully concluded. Influence was exerted on international standardization in the case of ‘Alarm Management’.

Associations Intensify Cooperation

The list of mutual topics was expanded. Cooperation was confirmed in the areas of ‘Effective Engineering Tools’, ‘Final Elements’ and ‘Process Control’. In the case of MES and Basic Process Control Systems the intention is to bring new contact partners together to establish mutual working groups.

It was agreed that a mutual cooperation agreement should be drafted for the associations to underscore efforts to achieve closer cooperation – sure evidence that all partners are convinced of the benefit to be gained from bundling international strengths and representing the interests of users of automation technology in the process industry together.

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