Oil & Gas Industry Essar Refinery Expansion Underway as First Hydrotreater Starts Up

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Essar commissioned the first new Diesel hydrotreater unit at its Vadinar Refinery. The new asset is part of an ongoing capacity expansion, the company explained.

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(Picture: PROCESS)
(Picture: PROCESS)

Mumbai/India – Essar Oil has announced the successful commissioning of the Diesel Hydrotreater Unit I (DHDT-I) at Vadinar. With the phase wise commissioning of three additional units slated for the end of this month, the refinery is now on track to complete the Phase I expansion by March 2012, Essar states. The expansion will entail the addition of nine new units that will expand capacity to 18 MMTPA (375,000 barrels per day) and enhance complexity to 11.8 (from 6.1 currently).

Hydrotreater Will Upgrade Diesel Fuel Oil Quality

The 4-million-tons DHDT-I at the Vadinar Refinery will upgrade diesel quality by treating the sour diesel streams and achieving reduction in sulphur as well as an improvement in the cetane index. The DHDT-I will thus ensure that the diesel produced at the refinery will be capable of meeting Euro V specifications. Essar Oil has already commissioned the Isomerization Unit, which was the first expansion unit to be commissioned, that gives the refinery the capability to produce gasoline of high octane rating and almost zero sulphur content.

Flexibility and Value Expected from Expansion, Essar Says

K Gupta, MD & CEO, Essar Oil, said, “We have now commissioned two key units that will help us produce gasoil (diesel) and gasoline (petrol) conforming to international standards. We are very close to realizing the scale that we had set out to achieve for the Vadinar Refinery. The increased complexity that we will have post expansion will give us greater flexibility to produce higher value fuels that have a growing market both in India and overseas.”