Jul 17, 2023

EPC Group built the new cooling tower system for X-FAB

X-FAB from Erfurt has been operating a cooling tower system with a capacity of 18,000 kW since 1988. This has now been renewed: Since recently, the manufacturer of microchips has a state-of-the-art cooling tower plant.

EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH have accompanied the project of a new replacement from planning to construction management to the recent defect-free acceptance.

The rebuild was realized during ongoing operations and spanned from 12/01/2021 to overall acceptance on 06/06/2023.

Some notable improvements incorporated into the new cooling tower system include the following:

Water hygiene

  • Innovative design to avoid dead zones
  • Ability to drain and empty idle
  • Cooling tower cells
  • Continuous movement and forced flow of all water masses
  • Protection from sunlight and biomass input
  • Significantly reduced health risk from germs

Energy efficiency

  • Use of fans with low power and gliding control
  • Design of power readiness for higher outdoor temperatures
  • Lowering of the cooling water supply temperature
  • Significant reduction of the electricity demand for the cooling tower system and downstream chillers

Control optimization

  • Subdivision of the cooling towers into six cells instead of the previous two cells
  • Introduction of a sliding control system for fans instead of the previous two-stage system
  • Application of an advanced control concept for cooling tower systems to fine-tune the cooling water temperature
  • Improved control conditions in the entire cooling water circuit

Noise reduction

  • Selection of low-noise cooling towers
  • Use of extra low-noise fans
  • Use of insulating elements against water impact noise
  • Design of a low-noise water routing system
  • Substantially reduced noise emissions and compliance with current requirements

A big thank you to the teams of X-FAB and EPC for the outstanding cooperation and realization of the new building.