Intergraph User Meeting Engineering Software in Practical Test

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Cegug user meeting of Intergraph PP&M users: Application and practice-oriented, this is how Intergraph presented itself in Cegug. In the association of the users of Intergraph-Software there were many solutions as well as visions for the future like the digital plant of BASF, the core of the Ludwigshafen Initiative Industry 4.0.

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The digital plant should always be a real image of the real plant.
The digital plant should always be a real image of the real plant.
(Bild: © Andrei Merkulov - Fotolia)

For the third time the Intergraph PP&M community met in Darmstadt in the congress center Darmstadtium to exchange experiences and to get suggestions for everyday business. Cegug, the Central European Graphics Users Group, an independent association of the users of Intergraph products took place this year for the 47th time and it traditionally focuses on reports as well as latest developments of Intergraph PP&M solutions.

In this year there were project reports of BASF, Bayer, Linde, Alzchem. So for example BASF set the goal of “Digital Plant” in the framework of Initiative Industry 4.0. The project manager Michael Höchel elaborated what it means. It means that for every real plant a whole digital image will be available from intelligently networked documents and a 3D model will also be available. Bayer reports about the global CAE-Strategy started in 2011 with the Smartplant Foundation as the basis.

In a Greenfield project Smartplant 3D was used for the first time and simultaneously the hardness test was completed where a number of partners and contractors worked with different planning tools in a Smartplant-Foundation environment.

Traditionally at Cegug, Intergraph also presents its vision for the coming years as well a look at the version updates of the Smartplant Enterprise package to be expected, the flagship for plant engineering. In this year extensions and new functions of Smartplant Instrumentation were in focus which are a step forward for Intergraph towards data-centric processing. Specifically, it involves the integration of 3D-Models and diverse file formats on the Interop Publisher.

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