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Energy Supply is Future Topic of BASF Research

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Besides electric power generation and storage, the expansion and improved utilization of the electricity grid are current topics of interest. BASF is working with cooperation partners to develop new production methods for manufacturing high-temperature superconductors more efficiently and with less environmental impact. Since superconductors can carry current virtually without loss, they offer great savings potential. The German technology company Deutsche Nanoschicht has developed a process in which wires are coated by chemical solution depositions.

The ceramic layers produced in this way have superconductive properties. This is especially of interest to manufacturers of generators and motors as well as for cable and utility grids for metropolitan areas. The process also enables a more efficient use of regenerative energies, especially from offshore wind farms.

Energy-efficient use of electricity

Another researching field of the company are new solid state materials, such as magnetocaloric materials for efficient cooling. These materials heat up when exposed to a magnetic field and cool down when the magnetic field is removed. New solid state materials make refrigerators and air conditioners more energy efficient. Additionally, they are quieter and do not need gaseous refrigerants. In the future, they could be an alternative to conventional compression technology.