Rocker Valve Impulse Version Energy Savings and Compact Design

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The fluid technology specialist Bürkert has introduced the first rocker valve as impulse version (bistable). The impulse version of the Type 6624 valve allows energy savings in a compact design in comparison with monostable valves and also features good flushability.

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Bürkert has introduced the first rocker valve in a pulse version.
Bürkert has introduced the first rocker valve in a pulse version.
(Picture: Bürkert)

The new valve consumes no energy after the switching process, which is explained by the valve’s functioning principle: a standard rocker valve has two seats, which are opened and closed as a result of electric current.

However, they return to their original state as soon as the current is discontinued. Not so with the pulse version: a current pulse is used only to open a seat, for example – afterwards, it retains its position without the supply of power. This is made possible by a permanent magnet that attracts the iron core of the rocker valve. The valve can be returned to its original state by means of another current pulse.

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