Dry Run Submerged Pump Efficient Submerges Chemical Pump

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Innovation is combined with tried-and-tested technology in the new TMOC Dry Run submerged pump from Bungartz.

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The new TMOC DryRun submerged pump from Bungartz.
The new TMOC DryRun submerged pump from Bungartz.
(Bild: Bungartz)

With its single-stage radial impeller, the volute-casing pump is securely insulated against its environment, and works with a bearing and sealing unit that has no contact with the pumping medium.

This achieves a permanently dry-running effect. The axial bearing preload ensures a sufficient minimum load, even without hydraulic forces, when the impeller is not immersed in liquid.

This makes it permissible for 100% dry running. The bearing support consists of a shaft with lifetime grease-lubricated rolling bearings. Excellent for life cycle cost calculation: the minimum service life of the bearing is 32,000 hours, the generous maintenance interval is 3-5 years, and the pumps have extremely long service lives.

The robust pump thus conveys all types of chemical liquids out of tanks and containers with exceptional operating reliability, and entirely leak-free.