Refrigerated Air Dryer Efficient in Operation

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

The Flex Series refrigerated air dryer from SPX Flow uses Phase Change Material (PCM) to achieve superior energy savings.

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Flex Series refrigerated air dryer
Flex Series refrigerated air dryer
(Source: SPX Flow)

PCM is a material that harnesses latent heat produced as it converts from solid to liquid or liquid to solid. While latent heat is being absorbed or released, the process is isothermal (no temperature change) and the energy from the heat is used to change the form of the material. The PCM has high latent heat properties, meaning it absorbs a lot of heat at constant temperature as it melts or freezes and stays colder for longer periods of time. While the PCM absorbs heat from warm, moisture laden compressed air there is no significant rise in temperature.

Designed with a 3-in-1 heat exchanger, the PCM encapsulates the refrigeration and compressed air circuits. This allows the phase change material to stay colder for longer periods of time, cycling the refrigerant compressor less often than conventional energy saving designs.

Broader Range of Flows

As the FLEX Series dryer automatically matches the compressed air load at any point in time, it can be sized to the maximum plant compressed air load without a material energy consumption penalty.

The FLEX Series, named for its flexible design and increased multi-flow bandwidth, allows for deployment into a broader range of flows, without compromising initial costs or energy consumption. The utilization of PCM allows for more regulated temperature and less cycles, thus delivering greater energy savings. The PCM itself is an eco-friendly refrigerant that melts and solidifies above 0°C and does not require the use of glycol, pump, tank or hot gas bypass; further increasing the efficiency of the dryer. FLEX Series dryers minimize the number of components for easy servicing and maximum reliability. Additionally, they have an integrated controller with clear LCD display for easy monitoring and operation.