Noise Protection Effective Reduction of Impact Noises

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Drumming noises in production facilities, workshops or laboratories are not only a nuisance but a serious impact on the health of personnel.

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Effectively eliminating impact sounds with new coating materials
Effectively eliminating impact sounds with new coating materials
(Picture: Lindner)

Especially solid–borne impact sounds are hard to fight. Lindner's Noise Mastic effectively prevents structure-borne sound by combining environment protection and safety aspects: The organic bonded, cementless compound is an anti-drumming coating suitable for every kind of metal and sheet construction. The absorbent material proves its worth on partition and ceiling systems or as sound deadening on facades and pipework systems, Lindner states.

Even thin layers efficiently absorb structure-borne sound and prevent it from propagating into the supporting structure – fulfilling all aspects of DIN EN ISO 6721-3. Lindner customizes the sheet and coating thickness to improve its bending behavior and to eliminate disturbing humming noises independently of the ambient temperature, the manufacturer says.

To achieve the best results, the loading compound should be used on zinc-galvanised steel, untreated V2A stainless steel or aluminium. Therefore, the anti-drumming coating is easy to apply –processed both mechanically or manually. Based on water, the product does not need any chemical diluents which might be harmful to the environment and fulfills the highest fire protection standards (classified “not flammable” according to DIN EN 13501-1, building material class A2).