Pumps Edwards Introduces CXS250 Dry Pump in India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Pump specialist Edwards made the first sale in India of its advanced CXS250 dry pump in May, to Vijayasri Organics, a manufacturer of chemical intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Tightening environemtal regulations open new markets for dry pumps.
Tightening environemtal regulations open new markets for dry pumps.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Commissioning of the pump was completed in June, followed by trialing in an acetone recovery process that requires precisely controlled vacuum. The pump is now in regular operation, with Vijayasri expressing a high level of customer satisfaction.

Previously the company had been relying on traditional steam ejectors, which can be unreliable. Company representatives at Vijayasri are now reporting enhanced end-product quality, with vacuum being applied accurately and consistently, and batches no longer interrupted. And of particular note, they have confirmed they will see a return on investment in less than three months.

"We are extremely pleased with the pump," commented DVS Narayana Raju, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Hyderabad based Vijayasri Organics. "We are taking around 45 batches a month, in this particular process, and the CXS250 allows us to do this much more efficiently, with significant cost savings. End-product quality has improved substantially, for an upside in market value. We have calculated we will recoup our initial investment quite quickly, within less than three months."

Tightening Environmental Regulations in India

The CXS250 is an oil-free, so-called "dry" pump, particularly well suited to harsh chemical environments, including those encountered in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This "plug and pump" dry system with integral process control, clean vacuum and low maintenance and running costs produces no effluent or pollutants, the manufacturer states. A feature that helps to reduce emissions and environmental impacts.

“Green credentials are becoming increasingly important for India's chemical and pharmaceutical industries,” noted Vikrant Sanglikar, Edwards Country Head, South Asia. “The government has tightened environmental controls on a sector that has been enjoying considerable success. The GDP growth of the chemicals processing sector in India has been at around 11% over the past two years. The proper disposal of effluent and other pollutants can be an expensive proposition, and investing in our dry pump technology immediately lowers the cost of ownership.”

Dry Pumps Offer Huge Potential

Complying with government policy, an increasing number of companies in this sector in India are investing in green technologies that will reduce emissions and hazardous waste. In this climate, Edwards has been successful in promoting its dry-pump technology in India, where it can replace conventional steam ejectors, which are not environmentally friendly. Edwards' chemical dry pumps, in contrast, are fully ATEX certified, for use in hazardous environments. As a result, Edwards has been able to more than double the sales achieved by its India operations, within a two-year timeframe.