Tetrachloroethylene ECHA: “No Further Information Request” for Cleaning Agent Tetrachloroethylene

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The European Chemical Agency ECHA has published the Substance Evaluation Report for the popular dry-cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene. It is one of the few substances that came out of the CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Plan) with no further information request.

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ECHA publishes Substance Evaluation Report for tetrachloroethylene
ECHA publishes Substance Evaluation Report for tetrachloroethylene
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Brussels/Belgium – The Agency’s Evaluation Report for perchloroethylene concludes that, based on the REACH registration dossier, “no regulatory action [is] needed at EU level based on this evaluation”

More details can be found the official Substance Evaluation Report.

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Tetrachloroethylene is the solvent of choice for textile dry-cleaning and industrial metal degreasing applications. ECSA has always supported the safe and sustainable use of tetrachloroethylene. European production of the compound was 34,700 tonnes in 2013. Tetrachloroethylene is also known under the name perchloroethylene.