Pumps Eccentric Screw Pump for Food, Pharma and Cosmetics

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Lutz Pumpen presents a new series of eccentric screw pumps: The B70V have proven successful in many industry sectors for the gentle transfer of a variety of fluids. The pumps are dimensioned in such a way that the liquid has enough space and time to enter the rotor-/stator area, the company states.

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Lutz presents a new eccentric screw pump for food and pharma applications
Lutz presents a new eccentric screw pump for food and pharma applications
(Picture: PROCESS)

The new eccentric screw pump Lutz B70V Sanitary was designed for optimal pumping of thin-bodied to highly viscous media in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. Hygiene and operational safety are top priorities in these sectors. The entire design of the Lutz B70V Sanitary places hygienic features in the foreground: therefore, only manually detachable, thread-free connections have been used in the areas in contact with the medium. The Lutz B70V Sanitary is easy and fast to dismantle for thorough mechanical cleaning and to reassemble. The design is nearly free of deadlegs, thus microbiological problems caused by germs and bacteria are practically impossible.

The Lutz B70V Sanitary is certified according to the “3-A Sanitary Standards for Centrifugal and Positive Rotary Pumps, Number 02-10”.

Powtech: Hall 6, Stand 428.

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