Energy-Efficiency Eaton Technology Day Highlights Energy-Efficieny

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Power management company Eaton recently hosted a Technology Day in Bangalore for the datacenter, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries. The Technology Day showcased Eaton’s industry leading offerings that help improve energy efficiency, increase uptime in critical operations and protect people, property and the environment.

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Energy efficiency is the center of Eaton's Technology Day
Energy efficiency is the center of Eaton's Technology Day
(Picture: PROCESS)

Mumbai/India - The Technology Day in Bangalore is part of a global Eaton initiative that leverages these events to reach out to customers, influencers and end-users to enable effective market interactions across major regions and key industry segments.

“Bangalore is among the fastest growing cities in India and it has also supported the growth and expansion of major industry segments,” said Nitin Chalke, Managing Director – India, Eaton. “Eaton is well positioned and committed to partner with leading players in its focused segments and power their growth with its range of industry leading power management solutions that improve efficiency, streamline operations and decrease energy costs.”

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