Genetic Research Alliance DuPont and Biotique Systems to Cooperate in DNA Sequence Data Points

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

DuPont and Biotique Systems have recently entered a research alliance for genetic researches in agricultural crops.

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(Pictore: DuPont)
(Pictore: DuPont)

Des Moines/Iowa, USA – Biotique will provide knowledge and access to its proprietary “Titan” solution for sequence management, marker analysis, and genotype to phenotype association as well as its “Make-Sense” intellectual property portfolio. DuPont subsidary Pioneer Hi-Bred will have access to the platform for agricultural applications and will retain all intellectual property for genetic information and crops produced as a result of the alliance. Specific milestones and terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Pioneer’s sophisticated deployment of new sequencing technologies is bringing new value-added seed technologies to market faster,” said John Soper, vice president – Pioneer Crop Genetics Research and Development. “Our work with sequencing the genes in corn plants is helping us improve the crop faster than ever. This alliance will help us bring those advancements to other crops faster, an important part of increasing farmer productivity to meet future demands in agriculture.”

DNA sequence analysis allows Pioneer scientists to better understand the structure and function of genes in plants and other living things. Recent improvements in sequencing technologies have increased the pace of sequence data accumulation drastically. One of the aims of the cooperation is to translate this accumulated data into knowledge and marketable products. The use of Biotiques product portfolio also enbales Pioneer to analyse and process DNA sequence data points gathered by DuPont-researches, the company says. DuPont expects the cooperation with Biotique to increase the speed of scientific analysis helping to tailor deliver products for its customers needs.