Operational Excellence DuPont adds Consultant Services to its Portfolio

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Chemical specialist DuPont becomes consultant services provider: The company's Sustainable Solutions business has launched a new operational excellence offering, monetising its experiences with DuPont plants and operations worldwide.

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The Dupont Innovation Center in Wilmington
The Dupont Innovation Center in Wilmington
(Bild: DuPont)

Wilmington, Delaware/USA – The new integrated and balanced approach, named 'Operational Excellence Offering', shall help customers to improve financial performance. The goal is to increase productivity and asset uptime, while also improving quality, human safety and environmental footprint, DuPont stated. Practice areas within the operational excellence offering include operations transformation, asset productivity, process performance, energy efficiency, integrated business excellence and supply chain, mindsets and behaviors, learning and development and process safety/environmental management.

“DuPont Sustainable Solutions is unique in that we are able to draw upon our company’s own experience managing more than 200 plant sites around the world,” said James Weigand, president, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “That means our operational excellence solutions have been proven to improve business performance, and we can show specific examples of how we have optimized productivity, quality, yield and safety to achieve sustainable and measurable results both inside DuPont and with our growing list of external clients.”

Operational Excellence has Top Priority with CEOs

CEOs worldwide have cited operational excellence as one of their most important issues, and say that several external factors are pressuring companies to improve operational performance. Among them are global competition, public accountability, investor expectations and rising plant demands. DSS can help clients address these issues so they can improve customer satisfaction, increase production efficiency and capacity, create value and reduce costs.

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“We are working with companies in industries like oil and gas, utilities, chemicals, food and beverage, mining and natural resources to assess and manage their operational risks and improve productivity,” said Brian Rains, global operational excellence practice leader for DSS. “We serve companies that operate an asset base that needs to be optimized without major capital investments, releasing locked value to deliver on growth objectives, or to generate a step-change in productivity.”

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