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Company name Düsen-Schlick GmbH
Street Hutstraße 4
ZIP/Location 96253 Untersiemau/Coburg
Country Germany
Phone +49 (0)9565 9481-0
Fax +49 (0)9565 2870

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Living for solutions

Over 111 years of experience, expertise and enthusiasm

We have spent more than 111 years grappling with technical designs. As well as demanding enthusiasm and expertise, this has enabled us to accumulate a wealth of experience in our field. The result? Solutions that meet the toughest of demands.

Schlick develops and produces nozzle and system solutions for production processes across every sector that call for spray technology. Our quality products are the epitome of the highly regarded 'Made in Germany' mark. They are just as much the fruit of our constant endeavours to develop new techniques and solutions as they are of our continuous research efforts and product optimisation activities. This is the only sustainable way to meet individual customer requirements to a high standard. 

The necessary innovation stems from our unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the free exchange of ideas and information between developers, production specialists and market players. To ensure that the requirements of every application are met, we are as methodical in our attempts to improve the qualifications of our employees and advance the careers of our junior staff members as we are in our collaborations with expert researchers and academics. This makes Schlick – in addition to a supplier of impressive standard solutions – a true specialist for individual and small series. The company has a wealth of experience in this regard, both in the industrial sector and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Schlick has been living out the 100% Made in Germany philosophy for more than 111 years – in terms of research, development, production and, of course, in the area of service as well.


Then and Now 

From the very start, the aim was always to play an active part in the shaping of progress

Everything began in 1902 with Gustav Schlick, who had recognised at an early stage, that nozzles could simplify many production processes in industry and therefore make people's lives easier. A business idea with vision and history. 

Innovation and tradition 

High standards and commitment create values

Schlick is an independent family company that is committed to achieving the high standards it has set for itself: "So that we can continue to meet the requirements of the market and of customers into the future, our corporate policy has a long-term focus that demands a proactive approach. Our aim is to become a leading expert on the national and international atomisation equipment markets, in terms of technology, quality and costs."

On the international stage, the company is certainly playing a major role as an expert in atomisation solutions. For some time now it has gone beyond simply developing and manufacturing precision nozzle parts. Schlick specialists are becoming increasingly involved in the design of the overall system right from the planning phase of a new production facility.

This approach results in long-term customer relationships – a result that simultaneously serves as an incentive and promotes commitment. Intensive dialogue with customers as well as long-standing experience from various sectors and applications all contribute to our innovative solutions. These factors also help to shape the extensive services that Schlick builds around its product.

In keeping with its motto of 'Living for Solutions', the company has always set itself high standards by wanting to be one of the best and to never rest on its laurels.

Nor should you have to settle for anything less!