Batteries / lithium-ion battery safe charging and storage


The Düperthal Battery Line

Why a safe storage is necessary


Hazardous release:

  • Mechanical damage, e.g. by stroke or drop
  • Electrical faults, e.g. short circuit, deep discharge, defects in battery management
  • Thermal influences, e.g. internal overheating, thermal radiation from outside over > 60°C [140 °F]


Resulting hazards - risks:

  • Fire, metal fire, e.g. from 60° C a thermal runaway is possible
  • Explosion, e.g. from 80° C oxyhydrogen explosion and release of 7- up to 11-times higher energy as the stored energy
  • Environmental pollution of water and air, e. g. chemical contamination by fumes, toxic heavy metal, fluorhydric acid


Solution Concept


The battery line

  • At thermal events - inside or outside - a thermocouple automatically initiates the uninterrupted closing of the doors.
  • The thermal monitoring occurs in each storage level.
  • Automatic door locking to prevent backdrafts in case of fire.
  • For protection of employees unlocking can only be done by authorised experts.
  • Prevention with Smart Control and temperature probes to set threshold value.
  • Protection of stored goods against thermal influences from outside.
  • Fused power supply prepared for battery charger - ready to plug in.


Fire resistance of 90 minutes and protection against backdrafts

Type 90 DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets offer fire resistance of 90 minutes – enough time to evacuate the building and a safe buffer for firefighting to commence. An absolutely new feature of the BATTERY line is its reaction towards fires originating inside the cabinet. This automatically closes and locks the cabinet doors to prevent your employees from opening them and potentially causing a backdraft. Only authorised persons and experts of the fire brigade can unlock the doors.

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