Cabi2Net - The system solution: Analysis, consultancy and smart process reliability


As a technology leader and consultant, DÜPERTHAL supports you in handling hazardous substances in conducting a comprehensive analysis, working with you to identify all the potential for optimising your procedures and work processes.

In addition to standard technologies and individually customised system solutions, we use smart technologies that enable you to introduce digital transformation in your company while maintaining reliable processes.

Internet of Things - Building blocks of the future

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology to network physical and virtual objects and get them to work together to support people in their activities unobtrusively and without distraction.

Process reliability with Cabi2Net

Our smart safety storage cabinets take over time-intensive and inefficient routine activities, thus supporting you with your processes. This creates scope for your core tasks - tasks that actually require your know-how and your time to complete.

Visualisation and mobility of information

Statuses recorded using sensors can be collated centrally and displayed on stationary monitors, optionally with touch function. It is also possible to access data using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. or to receive information by push notifications or SMS.

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