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DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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Jul 14, 2020

Safety cabinets for supply

In this category we offer you a wide range of products for the safe supply of flammable hazardous substances.

Active storage:
» Liquids or solids are stored in open or unsealed containers.
» Chemicals are filled or transferred in or at the safety storage cabinet.
» Your safety storage cabinet is actively connected to your processes. It is a storage location - and a workplace.
» The media are stored at normal room temperatures.

Safety storage cabinets for supply by DÜPERTHAL are specially designed for taking media from canisters or drums. This allows flexible work processes and more efficient organisation of the internal value chain. This effectively leads to the release of resources, which can be used actively and on a results-orientated basis for scientific research.

Safety cabinets for active storage - supply