USA: Pesticides Dowdupont and Monsanto Reach Licensing Agreement on Insect Control Technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of Dowdupont, and Monsanto announced the completion of a licensing agreement for next-generation technology for insect control in corn for the US and Canada.

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The corn rootworm is dubbed the “billion dollar bug” for the damage it causes.
The corn rootworm is dubbed the “billion dollar bug” for the damage it causes.
(Source: Pixabay / CC0 )

Wilmington/USA — Corteva Agriscience will receive a license to stack Monsanto’s Corn Rootworm III and Mon 89034 traits with Corteva Agriscience’s insect control traits. This agreement enables the development of the next generation of insect control technology for above- and below-ground insect pests, and will be offered with the Enlist herbicide tolerant trait for corn, the companies stated. Financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Calvin Treat, Monsanto’s Global Soy and Corn Technology Lead, said that Corn Rootworm III trait builds on the current products planted today by adding a new RNAi mode of action that enhanced effectiveness against one of the industry’s most destructive insect pests. Corn Rootworm III offered increased control and additional durability against the corn rootworm by providing three distinct methods of protection, he added.

This new next generation product combines Corteva Agriscience’s molecular stack for insect control and Enlist with Monsanto’s Corn Rootworm III and Mon 89034 (Bt) to create a broad-spectrum insect control product with multiple modes of action for above- and below-ground pests. Pending applicable regulatory reviews, it will be offered with the Enlist tolerant trait for corn, which provides tolerance to new 2,4-D choline, and FOP herbicides in addition to the base glyphosate tolerance.

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