Water Treatment Technology Dow to Build Production for Water Treatment Technology in Saudi-Arabia

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Dow plans to manufacture reverse-osmosis water treatment elements in Saudi-Arabia. The planned factory aims on serving the growing demand for fresh– and waste–water treatment technology in the Middle East and Africa, Dow officials say. Dow states plans to underline the company's commitment for the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

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(Picture: Dow)
(Picture: Dow)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Dow plans to manufacture membranes for water treatment in the desert-state Saudi Arabia. What may seem like a contradiction is, according to Dow officials, an "example of Dow's continuing investment in technologies and production capacity to meet the growing challenges for clean and affordable water supply.” The planned facilities would supply technologies for water desalination and water re-use for potable, non-potable and industrial water serving Saudi Arabia, the surrounding Middle East and North Africa, some of the most water-challenged regions of the world.

“Dow has a 50-year history of innovation and market leadership in the water industry. Saudi Arabia and nearby emerging markets represent a tremendous opportunity for Dow. Our plan is to complement our commercial presence with a manufacturing footprint, thereby bringing us closer to regional customers and strengthening the global competitiveness of our water business,” said Jerome Peribere, Dow executive vice president and president and chief executive officer, Dow Advanced Materials.

Modern water treatment technology allows industrial economies to advance while minimizing water requirements. Dows Filmtec membranes have, according to company officials, provided a threefold increase in the amount of treated water per element while reducing energy costs in desalination and other water purification and re-use projects. The Filmtec technology is also used on the Shoaiba Barge SeaWater Reverse Osmosis plant, one of the largest seawater desalination plants in Saudi Arabia.

Water Technology Production Underlines Commitment to the Region

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key market for Dow Water & Process Solutions. This new proposed world-class facility will increase our ability to deliver the most advanced, affordable and sustainable water sourcing and treatment options for desalination, wastewater treatment, and other applications,” said Dr. Ilham Kadri, commercial director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Dow Water & Process Solutions. “Dow is committed to the vital water conservation and purification needs of the region, and to combating water shortages that limit economic development.”

Apart from water treatment technologies, Dow is also active in other fields of business in the area: Together with Saudi Aramco, Dow operates a joint venture for a planned integrated chemicals complex in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. This complex will, once completed, be among the world's largest petrochemical facilities, officials say. Already in 2009, Dow entered into a comprehensive research and development collaboration agreement with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the region’s leading graduate-level research university.

"This new water facility and our collaboration with Kaust, coupled with our new world-class water technology center in Tarragona, Spain, are clear examples of Dow's continuing investment in technologies and production capacity to meet the growing challenges for clean and affordable water supply,” Ian Barbour, Dow Water & Process Solutions general manager said.