Silicone Products Dow Corning Adds Silicone Products to Xiameter Product Portfolio

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Dow Corning's web–enabled business model Xiameter now includes a variety of silicone products. This options shall help the customer to access a broad portfolio of process enhancers, the company explained.

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(Picture: Dow Corning)
(Picture: Dow Corning)

Midlands, Michigan/USA – Dow Corning expands its Xiameter business model with new high-quality, standard silicone product options. Among these new products is a variety of silicone fluids, emulsions, resins, coatings, anti–foams, moldmaking and liquid silicone rubbers, as well as additional rubber bases and compounds, modifiers, primers and catalysts. Most of this enhanced product portfolio can be used as performance enhancers by industries such as personal care, textile, energy, construction, and automotive where they provide qualities such as durability, stability, adhesion, and weather resistance, the company states.

“We continue to expand the product availability as products mature through the product life cycle and as customers demand more efficient ways to procure their standard silicone products,” said Xiameter Vice President and Executive Director Jeroen Bloemhard. The American silicone specialist offers its customers a range of self-service functionality options such as tiered volume quantities and transparent pricing, credit term choices, ability to track orders real-time and other procurement activities under the brand name Xiameter.