Polypropylene Technology License Dow Bags First Contract by Shenda for Polypropylene Technology License

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Dow bags another contract for its Unipol polypropylene technology license in China - the recent deal marks the first agreement with a Chinese private licensee, Dow says.

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(Picture: Dow)
(Picture: Dow)

Midland, Michigan/USA – Chinese Shandong Shenda Chemical Industry has licensed Dow's Unipol polypropylene technology for its next 200,000 tonnes per year methanol based polypropylene production. Although Dow has already sold six linceses for Unipol to Chinese state-owned companies, the deal with Shenda marks the company's first private license holder in China.

“We are excited to contribute to the growing polypropylene market in China with UNIPOL Polypropylene Technology at our Shandong facility,” said Mr. Shao Bo, general manager of Shenda. “With this technology, Dow is giving us the opportunity to offer a variety of polypropylene resins to convertors in China and around the globe.”

Unipol, currently used in 46 production lines worldwide, is an all gas-phase process for producing a broad range of polypropylene resins. About 17 percent of the global polypropylene output are produced using the Unipol process, Dow officials say.