The Netherlands: Circular Economy Dow and Fuenix Announce Plans to Produce 100 % Circular Plastic

Editor: Alexander Stark

Dow announced an agreement with the Fuenix Ecogy Group from the Netherlands for the supply of pyrolysis oil feedstock, which is made from recycled plastic waste. The feedstock will be used to produce new polymers at the chemical group's production facilities at Terneuzen, the Netherlands.

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Dow’s production facilities at Terneuzen, the Netherlands
Dow’s production facilities at Terneuzen, the Netherlands
(Source: Dow)

Midland/USA; Weert/The Netherlands – By signing an agreement with the Dutch Fuenxi Ecogy Group, Dow wants to take an important step forward to increase feedstock recycling. In this process mixed waste plastics are broken down into their original form to manufacture new virgin polymers. The polymers produced from this pyrolysis oil will be identical to products produced from traditional feedstocks, and as such, they can be used in the same applications, including food packaging.

This agreement is to contribute to Dow’s commitment to incorporate at least 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastics in its product offerings sold in the European Union by 2025.