Technology License Dow Activities in China; Technology License for China Coal Pending

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Dow revokes previous statements about a technology license for China's public China Coal. The American company nevertheless could secure a contract for its Unipol technology with Qinghai Salt Lake Industry.

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(Picture: Dow)
(Picture: Dow)

Midland, Michigan/USA, Beijing/PR China– Contrary to a previous statement, Dow's negotiations with China coal are still pending. A contract for two new polypropylene plants of the Chinese mining and basic chemicals giant was not concluded.

Dow could, nevertheless, secure a deal with Chinese Qinghai Salt Lake Industry for its Unipol Polypropylene Process Technology license for a new 160 KTA polypropylene unit. The facility will provide polypropylene as part of Qinghai’s integrated magnesium metal project to produce homopolymers, random copolymers and impact copolymers.

Dow officials greeted the new contract:“The plastics market in China is expanding and this new license confirms the interest in using advanced polypropylene process and catalyst technology to produce differentiated resins for a variety of applications,” said Tracy Cleckler, global commercial director, Dow Polypropylene Licensing and Catalysts business.