HOLDERS - Donadon SDD Holders


Donadon holders are designed in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability to Donadon rupture discs.

Models designed to be mounted between flanges (HI, Y90 e GR) have an internal diameter sized in order to allow full opening of the disc and total availability of the minimal discharge area; external diameter is tangent to the bolts in order to centre easily the holder between the flanges
Y90 holder has also the thickness sized in order to allow full opening of the disc reaching the vertical position
Standard materials are: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Nickel, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy. Special executions are available with PTFE lining or glass fibre reinforced PTFE.
All holders ha two stainless steel assembly plates
AZ 60 holder is designed to be fitted directly on the piping; it is composed by two flanged parts, complete with steel bolts and may have various kinds of couplings can be fitted to its end:
male and female threaded NPT or Gas
butt welding
socket welding
Sanitary holder (Clamp) in stainless steel with high accuracy internal finishing (<0,6 Ra) allows minimum particle contamination, low turbulence and low pressure loss. It is recommended for food, milk, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
GR holder in graphite is designed for the GR replaceable graphite discs.



URL: http://www.donadonsdd.com/en/products/rupture-discs/holders