Y90 - Donadon SDD Rupture Disc


The Y90 DONADON rupture disc is a compression (or reverse) disc peripherally scored.

The Y90 represents high technology in the sector: the camber of the convex disc is not modified by the operating pressure except on reaching reverse pressure. Therefore this device works with ratios of up to 90 between operating and rupture pressure and withstands thousands of cycles without jeopardising its reliability.

At the moment of reversion the disc bursts in a few thousands of a second rupturing along the scored line without fragments
Y90 disc has lower sensitivity to variations in temperature than conventional discs and therefore is very useful in applications with large temperature variations. It is especially suitable for use with gas and liquids, and for protecting pressure relief valves
The wide choice of materials and the thickness used make the Y90 disc very resistant to corrosion. Greater protection can be obtained with a PTFE lining, which can be applied to the process side of the disc.
Vacuum support is normally not required
Available in special execution certified Ex II 2GD according to European Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX)



URL: http://www.donadonsdd.com/en/products/rupture-discs/ns-nanoscored