DIF - Donadon SDD Rupture Disc


Donadon DIF rupture disc is a composite conventional disc for installation between flanges

Donadon DIF rupture disc is a composite conventional disc formed by four parts: A slotted, perforated metal part A seal membrane (usually in PTFE but also available in many other metallic or non-metallic materials A protection section A calibration ring

This disc has been designed to be mounted between flanges. It is excellent for use with gas and liquids in static conditions and excellent for low pressures. DIF disc is particularly suitable to be fitted on equipment and systems. It reacts to over-pressure in a few thousands of a second with total opening and without fragmentation. DIF disc is therefore recommended for protection of pressure relief valves. Supports may be provided for protection from vacuum or counter pressure. DIF disc may also be used for protecting silos or other equipment from vacuum. Available in special execution certified Ex II 2GD according to European Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX).



URL: http://www.donadonsdd.com/en/products/rupture-discs/ultra-low-pressure