SCD - Donadon SDD Rupture Disc


Donadon SCD is a concave rupture with micro-scored calibrated section.

Donadon SCD is a concave rupture disc with micro-scored calibrated section. Special feature of SCD is scoring in 6 sectors instead of 4 as usual in all competitors’ discs.

Opening in 6 petals allows a better opening reducing the risk of petal detachment even at high bursting pressure.
It is used with gas and liquids also in cycling and pulsating conditions without reduction of safety margins.
SCD disc reacts to excessive pressure in a few milliseconds without fragmentation.
It is especially suited for protection of pressure relief valves.
SCD disc may operate at 85 of the bursting pressure and has a very good resistance to corrosion due to the thickness of the material employed. Corrosion resistance may be additionally improved by PTFE lining.
Vacuum support is normally not required.
Available in special execution certified Ex II 2GD according to European Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX).