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Editor: Dominik Stephan

The problem is as old as the printed operating manual – if urgently needed, the technical documentation is often not at hand. For that purpose, Arca Regler developed a simple, but effective solution.

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(Source: Arca)

Especially with big projects an extensive documentation, consisting of product data sheets, operating instructions, schematics, approvals and test certificates, is often required and generated. Due to the experience with recurring documentation requests there is reason to doubt, if and to what extent this documentation is in the end available to the end user and especially the persons concerned (operating and maintenance personnel) when needed.

The software Arca-Onsite now offers a perfect solution for this problem: All control valves with incoming orders from 1.4.2017 will be equipped with a supplementary label, which allows by means of a QR-code the direct access to the overall contractually order documentation for exactly one specific valve. Even later modifications of this valve will be comprehensible represented in Arca-Onsite – as far as known to or conducted by Arca. Therewith searching for important documentation has an end.