Rupture Discs Disc Good for 250,000 Cycles

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

The Sanitrx rupture disc from Continental Disc Corporation is a scored reverse-acting design which can be pressurized from full vacuum up to 90 percent or 95 percent of the rated (marked) burst pressure and provides proven protection against overpressure for more than a quarter of a million cycles.

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Offered in a wide range of burst pressures, materials and sizes, the Sanitrx HPX rupture disc is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage industries. With a response time in milliseconds, this rupture disc meets all ASME BPE criteria including a surface finish of 20 microinch Ra or better, and solid metal construction to promote cleanability in CIP/SIP applications. The Sanitrx HPX rupture disc includes sanitary, environmentally friendly, non-toxic packaging and is available in manufacturing ranges of zero, –5 percent and –10 percent, according to customers’ wishes.