Rotary Lobe Pumps Designed for Pumping and Dosing Highly Viscous Media

Editor: Ahlam Rais

GEA is expanding its Novalobe pump range with the large-volume GEA Hilge Novalobe 60. The robust rotary lobe pump meets the hygiene standards of the EHEDG guidelines for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

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The new Novalobe can pump larger quantities at low speed, which is crucial for sensitive media.
The new Novalobe can pump larger quantities at low speed, which is crucial for sensitive media.
(Source: GEA)

Producers' equipment tends to get bigger, so the performance of the components needs to be increased. That's why the company has almost doubled the chamber volume to 2.1 liters per revolution for the new Novalobe. The new pump can pump particles measuring up to 41 millimeters, as is necessary with fruit yogurt or fish and meat salads.

The new Novalobe can pump larger quantities at low speed, which is crucial for sensitive media. The company explains that while preparing infusions and delivering blood products, working with fats and enzymes, or even producing cosmetics, shampoos and lotions, the emulsions should never separate while pumping. The new pump ensures that the products do not change during pumping.


Durable, Flexible and Easy to Maintain

The GEA Hilge Novalobe is part of the GEA Varipump line – which stands for versatility and flexibility. All pumps of this line can be easily converted. The firm states that its customers want pumps that can be used flexibly for various media and pumping requirements, which are robust and optimised in terms of operating costs. That is why the pump experts at the company’s center of excellence in Bodenheim have chosen a compact and robust design. Through the pump’s robust construction, the shaft overhang and clearance in the pump have been minimised. The pump’s compact design and the rigid shaft geometry reduce the risk of galling to an absolute minimum.

Patented Rotor Mounting Design

When the pump is running, the extremely quiet operation is clearly noticeable. The firm achieves this with its patented rotor mounting design. Precision-ground cylinders for the location and accurate connection of rotors and shafts minimise clearance and reduce vibrations as well as noise. Various rotor profiles are available for the new pump depending on the application: The single-bladed ‘uni-wing’ is suitable for very doughy media containing large particles. The twin-bladed ‘bi-wing’ rotor is the robust standard variant for most applications. A rounded, four-lobe rotor ‘multilobe’ helps to convey shear-sensitive products at low pulsation.

The new pump is part of the varipump line because it can be used in a number of specialised applications and can be tailor-made for its customers.

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