Drying Design a Dryer from Just One Drop

Editor: Doris Neukirchen

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GEA Niro is exhibiting a number of state-of-the-art technologies for spray drying and fluid bed drying in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. On the Powtech stand will be one of the company’s smallest spray dryers, SDMicro. This lab-scale dryer is equipped with a two-fluid nozzle for atomization and can be used for formulations based on either water and organic solvents. The SDMicro is designed with the smallest possible spray drying chamber that allows it to create the same air flow pattern as a large-scale spray dryer. This makes it possible to conduct realistic tests at a very small scale and produce small quantities of powder for product and concept evaluations. The company will also exhibit its ground-breaking Drynetics analytical system, which allows drying-related properties to be measured from a single droplet of feedstock. Plugging these figures into a CFD simulation allows a complete spray dryer to be designed from a single droplet. Drynetics analysis is used to investigate product formulations and to optimize both new and existing spray dryers. The Powtech stand will also feature a new set of 3D animations showing a GEA Niro spray dryer with heat recuperation, a Contact Fluidizer fluid bed dryer and a Swirl Fluidizer dryer in operation. These 3D animations are an excellent opportunity to see what takes place inside the dryers.