Depth Filter Module Depth Filter Retrieves Catalysts Ions

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Begerow has recently issued the BecoPad a new depth filter medium, that can be used for example to retrieve valuable catalysts from process media.

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Begerow depth filter unit BecoPad. (Picture: Begerow)
Begerow depth filter unit BecoPad. (Picture: Begerow)

Expensive metallic catalyst like palladium, rhodium, and platinum are can thereby be bonded to a carrier material like activated carbon and be returned for reconditioning and future use. According to Begerow, the separated catalysts, adhering to the activated carbon, can be thickened to a filter cake, thanks to the BecoPads high bursting strength, making the handling of residues considerably easy. Even exhausted catalysts can be regained after ashing, as the filter has only a minimum ash content. The mineral free BecoPad filter material and its strong reduction in extractable ions secures a very pure end product, Begerow says. The filter medium also provides a very high chemical and mechanical resistance when filtering aggressive solutions.

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