Speciality Silicas Demand for Speciality Silicas Grows in the US

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Analysts expect the US' demand for speciality silicates to rise by 5.8 percent per year, driven by strong growth in the precipitated silica segment, as well as gains for fumed silica.

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Expected Demand for Speciality Silica in the U.S. (Source: Freedonia)
Expected Demand for Speciality Silica in the U.S. (Source: Freedonia)

Cleveland, Ohio/USA – A new study by the industry researcher Freedonia expects a healthy market development for speciality silicates due to the economic recovery and growth in the manufacturing industries. Most of the the speciality silicas will still be produced by precipitation. Precipitated silica is expected to advance roughly in line with the overall market through 2015, promoted by above-average gains in the large rubber sector. Also advances in the manufacturing of silica reinforced automotive tires (which offer greater fuel efficiency than conventional tires) will lead to an increasing demand for the material.

Rubber Market Becomes Driving Force For Speciality Silicas

Freedonia expects the rubber market to be a driving force of the growing demand for speciality silicas, becoming the leading outlet for silicas in terms of sales volume by 2015. Especially non-tire rubbers, including silicone rubber and industrial rubber products - are forecast to rise at a double-digit annual pace from a depressed 2010 base.

Last year sew cosmetics and toiletries as the largest market for specialty silicas in value terms, where mostly precipitated silica is used, for example as a thickener or abrasive polishing agent for toothpastes.