Global Market Study Demand for Industrial and Specialty Gases Creates Opportunities for Plant Builders

Editor: Alexander Stark

The global market for air separation plants will reach a value of $ 7.9 billion by 2028, finds a study published by Future Market Insights. China will be holding the majority of the global market share in the coming decade. A large share of the market revenue is likely to be generated by the chemical, iron and steel, healthcare, and food and beverages industries.

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Increasing demand for industrial gases will create opportunities for the air separation plant market to grow in the coming years.
Increasing demand for industrial gases will create opportunities for the air separation plant market to grow in the coming years.
(Source: Linde Group)

Pune/India — According to a recent analysis, the demand for air separation plants in the global market is expected to be relatively strong over the forecast period of 2018-2028. The growth landscape of the air separation plant market will be positively influenced by the recovery of emerging markets, especially in South East Asia & Pacific (Seap).

Air separation plants are used for separating atmospheric air into industrial gases — including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and other inert gases. Increasing demand for such industrial gases will create opportunities for the air separation plant market to grow in the coming years.

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Growing emphasis on gas packaging, rapid refrigeration, and freezing technologies in the food and beverages industry is fuelling the demand for liquid nitrogen freezing. Several air separation plant manufacturers are specifically launching units for gas-related products in the food industry. Additionally, demand for medical gases and equipment like infusion pumps and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices in hospitals and private homes, will ramp up the investments in air separation plants market in the coming years.

Moreover, a large number of industrial activities are shifting towards high purity gases — enhancing innovation in the air separation plant market. Chemical properties such as reactivity and physical properties including density, boiling point, and vapour pressure makes these gases suitable for applications in several industries — known as fuel gases, medical gases, refrigerant gases or specialty gases as per the industry they are used it.

Growing Demand for Pure Gases

Key players in the air separation plant market are catering to diverse needs of several industries looking for volume and purity, with customizable on-site production solutions. On-site air separation plants enhance energy efficiency, boost product quality, and increase throughput. Modular configuration, designed with backup systems, and easy installation and integration are some factors pushing on-site air separation plant technologies.

Key Strategies Driving the Global Air Separation Plant Market

Top players operating in the global air separation plant market are focussing on strategic mergers and acquisitions to expand their businesses in regions with high industrial growth. Manufacturers are also empowering end-users with innovations and digitization in air separation plants for increased operator comfort and protection. In order to meet specific customer demands in terms of gas volume and purity, market players are customizing air separation plants. For instance, Linde serves a major share of customers looking for customized solution owing to their worldwide presence and vast experience in engineering and operation of customized air separation plants.

However, factors such as high capital costs associated with setting up of air separation units and cyclical fluctuations in end-user markets could negatively impact the growth of air separation plants market, in terms of market volume. Mature markets such as Japan are likely to reduce air separation plants deployments in the coming years.

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