Worldwide Projects De Dietrich Announces Record Orders at ACHEMA 2015

| Editor: Tobias Hüser

De Dietrich is continuing its international expansion and has secured the biggest deal in its history. The company will deliver a waste acid treatment system for a new toluene diisocyanate plant to be built in northwest China. But that is not the only deal the company has achieved at the ACHEMA trade show.

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ACHEMA 2015 took place from 15 to 19 june 2015.
ACHEMA 2015 took place from 15 to 19 june 2015.
(Picture: De Dietrich Process Systems)

Frankfurt/Germany – The project, which is scheduled for completion in 2017, will be the largest ever undertaken by De Dietrich and will further strengthen China as the group's largest source of sales.

The company has also been selected to deliver a complete pilot unit for the first company in Bangladesh to ever begin manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The project comprises six reactor units, a solvent treatment system, a heating and cooling unit, and automated systems. It will allow De Dietrich to further increase its already strong presence in Southern Asia.

Antihistamine Production Plant in Spain

In related pharmaceutical news, De Dietrich is going to build a complete antihistamine production plant in Spain. This turnkey project will include the production building itself, all the necessary reaction and separation equipment, and all the associated equipment. Production of the first batches will begin in one year's time.

Back in its home country of France, De Dietrich has just signed a green-chemistry partnership agreement to equip a research platform for the production of chemical molecules from renewable oilseed crops.